Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Sun Tan Spray Fights The Bite Of Deadly Sunlight

By Haywood Hunter

Sun tan spray has been with us for quite a while. The deadly UV rays of sunlight has forced people to try and develop some kind of protection. The result was lotions that can be applied to the skin. Many types are available.
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Sunscreen should never be confused with suntan oil. The oil is made for people who wants to tan quickly. It actually strengthens the heat of the sun to ensure a deeper and quick tan. This product does not provide any protection and is not meant to do so. Sunscreens like sun tan cream reflects and filters the heat to protect the skin against harmful rays. When buying a product for a day at the beach, make sure to choose right.

Sunblock is a very necessary product for anyone who will be exposed to the sun for a relatively long time. It is essential that the sunblock goes along and that it gets used when you spend a day at the beach. Sunblock also have another use. They sometimes serve as part of the arsenal of someone who has a light skin and wants to protect it. Light skins gets damaged very easily by the sun.

It does not matter whether you prefer you sunblock in the form of a gel, spray or cream, it must be applied evenly on your skin. One good squeeze of the tube should release enough for an adult body.

There is difference of opinion on exactly how to apply sunscreen products. Some people say apply it to the body two two three hours before you go outside. New research shows that two applications are actually more effective. One about 15 to 30 minutes minutes before you step into the sunlight and one after you have been outside for about the same period. Some kinds resist water. Others must be re-applied after swimming or sweating.

Babies should not really need suntan lotion because they should not even be exposed to direct sunlight for a longer amount of time. Adults have been taught about the dangerous rays. If the child will be outside for long, a physician should be consulted to see what is safe for the baby. Babies many times will break out in rashes from any skin care products because of their sensitive skin.

Older kids love the water. Outdoor water fun, unfortunately has the sun's heat as side-effect. Their skins must also be protected. To do that to the most effective extent possible, use a sunblock with enough shielding power. Say for instance a kid gets sun burned in ten minutes that a SPF 30 block will provide protection for 300 minutes. SPF 15 will do the job for 150 minutes and so on.

The sun is a cause of skin cancer. It is dangerous and must be treated as such. For this reason the American Cancer Society recommends the use of sunblocks. When you use it though, keep in mind that it van wash of or wipe off. Re-apply when you think it is necessary. There is no sense in paying a very high price of fun in the sun, especially not if sun tan cream can prevent it.

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